Friday 23rd June -WOD

22nd June 2017





3 rounds of

10 pull up kips
10 pvc oh squats
10 pvc snatch balances
5 hi hang squat snatch
5 low hang squat snatch
5 full squat snatch



In 20 mins complete:
5×1 Overhead squat (Pause)
*quickly build to a heavy single, pause for 3 seconds in the bottom of the red

5×1 Snatch Balance
*Quickly build to a heavy single. Work on recieving in the same position you just held the pause in.
*10 mins to complete each section. (20 mins in total)



EMOM for 12 mins:

2 Hang Squat snatch
*use heaviest load possible. reps have to be caught below parallel. work on speed getting under the bar.

Additional Work

20 mins after class
4 rounds for time of:
30/25 cal assault bike
3 min rest

*Goal is to finish each round in under a minute 

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