Thursday 15th June – WOD & Barbell

14th June 2017


Team Little Legs!


3 rounds of

10 lunges
10 air squats
10 inch works
5 board jumps
100m run


In pairs complete

4x400m sprints each
*alt Sprints with partner
*hold the fastest pace you can
*16 min cap


E3mo3m for 15 mins:

35 front squats @ 50/35 RX+60/40
200m run
60 double unders RX+70

*Aim for unbroken sets, 1-2 breaks max on the squats in the later rounds
*Aim for 45-1min rest on round one

Additional Work 



A. 3 Position Snatch
Pockets, above knee, below knee
No touch on the floor
Build to heavy then hold.

B. Squat Clean
5 x 3

C. OH Squat
6 x 2

Increase weight by 5kg or no more than 10%

Accessory Work.
30 Weighted ab mat sit ups, 30 Russian Twists

30 V-Sits – every break 10 KB Swings

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