Thursday 26th June 2014 – WOD

25th June 2014

 plank Maintain the hollow position! 



In 12 mins in 3s complete 2 rounds of:

  • 60 Overhead squats @ 20 / 15kg
  • 45 Pull ups
  • Row 450m – 150 split

* 1/3 rd work each

* All with bars overhead to score

* All hanging on rig to score

* Any order




In 3s complete:

  • 90 Wall ball throws @ 12ft –
  • 120 KB swings @ 24 / 20kg
  • 90  Push ups
  • Row 1200m

* Wall ball

Only 2 people work the wall ball, the 3rd is always in the plank -Any pause on the wall ball, any drop or any knees down on the plank results in a 3 burpee penalty for all team members, if you need to rest the wall ball, you may at a cost of 3 burpees, you may then rest and continue once ready

* Kettle bell

Only 1 person work the swing, 2 are in the plank, you may rotate the swing every multiple of 10, you can only score reps when the plank is held by both of the non KB athletes.

* Push ups

Only 1 person working, the rest must be in a plank push up position to score, as soon as 1 or more drop the knees or chest team must wait until the 2 non working pair are back in the push up plank

* Row

Any way you like, any distance each

* Cap of  20 mins

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