Thursday 29th June – WOD, Barbell & CF Movement

28th June 2017


3 rounds for time:
10 pvc push press
10 dislocates
10 pvc o/h squats
100m run


In 20 mins complete:

5×3 Jerk
*Build up to heavy triple and complete each set at that weight


In 20 mins get as far as possible through:

100 single arm alt DB snatch @ 22.5/15
1 mile run (1600m)
60 bar facing burps
40 muscle ups/ 60 c2b/60 pull ups

*Pick a weight on the DBs you can hit a consistent 10 everytime you pick the DB up
*Break the snatches into small manageable sets


Additional Work 

Finish any muscle ups/c2b/pull ups you didn’t finish in the cap. Do these for quality. NO RUSH!



A. Complex: Snatch, Snatch Balance, OHS
BTH then hold across 6 sets

B. 1/4 Split Jerks

D. Accessory Work
With an empty bar accumulate 6 minutes in the bottom of an OHS
Each break equals 1 hanging leg raises.


CF Movement

Technique Test Out:
HS Hold
HS Walk
Dish Hold
FS Hold

Shoulder Stretches 45sec each

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