What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is, quite simply, a sport –
the “sport of fitness”

It’s a combination of 3 different modalities:

  • Weight lifting
  • Gymnastics (body weight)
  • Metabolic conditioning (cardio)

It is personal training in a group environment with a daily workout programmed specifically for our members.

Friendly competition and camaraderie are some of our hallmarks; we believe that how you train and that who you train with matters most.

Who is it for?

The CrossFit program challenges all levels of fitness. No matter what level you are starting from, you will be trained as an athlete in order to gain levels of fitness you never realised you could attain. We are results based and you will see and feel the effects of CrossFit in a short period of practising the sport.

CrossFit provides the perfect platform to take giant leaps forward in the world of fitness

In CrossFit we pursue function, not just form. We don’t use one dimensional, dysfunctional gym machines, we use basic movements and equipment such as ropes, kettle-bells, barbells and medicine balls in a friendly community based training environment, filled with motivation and friendships forged through adversity and camaraderie.

So… About this Taster Session

What happens in the taster?

During a taster session you be teamed up with a small group of individuals who are also interested in starting the CrossFit program. You will receive some personal coaching from our friendly expert instructors to get you through the Workout Of the Day (WOD). On completion of your coaching and WOD a short discussion and Q & A session will provide you with information on the induction course and memberships.

So how much does it cost?

The taster session is totally free and there is no obligation to continue, if you want to begin your CrossFit journey, following an induction, memberships range from £55 to £70 per month.

OK I will give it a try…

Great, get in touch with us. You can fill in the contact form or call Daine or Katie: 07853 955090


Induction course

Following your taster session we introduce you to the CrossFit fundamentals and terminology through an induction. The induction course takes 3-5 hours in total but is broken down and delivered to you in either two or three sessions.

Think of this as a warm up for your body combined with some education / expert tuition into the CrossFit methodology. At CrossFit Nottingham, we not only want to make sure that you get the safest, most effective workout, but that you’re part of the CrossFit Nottingham community before you start your first group class.

Coached by a CrossFit Nottingham certified coach, and delivered in small group sessions, CrossFit “Induction” is designed to get you to your first class with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful. The induction culminates in a certification of the basic CrossFit movements

Not everyone will require the full “induction package” package, this will be determined by our coaches in order to provide you with the safest route to CrossFit classes we think you will require.

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