Damon Stewart

Started here in February and have absolutely loved it, coaches are all great and are super supportive, encouraging you all the way, just wish I’d have started years ago, thanks guys….

Sheryl Sheperd

I was unfit and struggling with my weight before joining CrossFit Nottingham. I’d noticed since reaching my forties I was losing strength, fitness and flexibility. I joined in January after an extremely difficult year – I lost my husband to cancer, and the depressive cycle of comfort eating that followed, compounded by having an underactive thyroid and little exercise, had taken its toll.

I needed something involving to get out of the rut, and from what I’d seen, CrossFit would fit the bill. I booked onto a taster session, and as I’d cycled to work for years, I thought I had enough cardio conditioning to see me through. Unfortunately I was buggered by the end of the warm-up, and was left wondering how I was to get through the actual workout. It was a partner workout consisting of bar-over burpees (and probably some other stuff, but all I see in flashbacks are burpees!). My partner was ever-patient and supportive, and he got more rest than ever before whilst I laboured on my repetitions.

I got through it – I was knackered, but invigorated. I knew then that CrossFit would challenge me in ways I hadn’t been before, and would help me toward my aim of being in the best condition my age and genetics will allow. The supportive, social aspect of CrossFit sets it apart, and was exactly what I needed to push me through the workout, and keep me coming back.

Almost a year on, my fitness has improved immensely. I haven’t done any dedicated running for years, but through the work outs, I’m as fast a runner now as when I ran 10 years ago. CrossFit has such a varied list of skills, that I’ll never get bored learning. And the fact that each skill is scalable to whatever I am capable of, means I get a feeling of achievement as I progress through the scales.

CrossFit training, combined with the Clean Eating Challenge that the box runs, have helped transform my body, going from over 28% body fat when I started to 15.4%. After joining I would often say to myself that I wished I’d started when I was younger. Now I realise that at 43, I could still be in the best condition of my life and have fun getting there!

Michael Spencer

Katie, Andy and Daine have created the most incredible environment and amazing community. CFN is unlike any other gym I’ve been too, and as a result I’ve obtained results in the last 12 months unlike any other. CFN is an incredible group of coaches and members alike, irrespective of the level at which we all train everyone motivates and supports each other, pushes and strives together. Where else do you see people as happy to see you achieve a PB as they are to achieve one themselves? We all aspire to the same goals; to improve, to get fitter, to get healthier. All this is a direct result of the ethos and ethics Katie, Andy and Daine lay down, and the examples they set to us all.

Aneta Pstragowska

When I signed in to Crossfit six months ago my aim wasn’t any special it was to get fitter and to lose weight. I was too tired of looking at the person in the mirror and I was ready for a change but I would never ever in the million years expect what an amazing journey it will be. At first I felt so embarrassed right at the induction when the couches were explaining all the movements standards especially the one involving weight lifting which I never did in my live! Inside I was laughing what the hell I am doing here! But I was determined, patient, focused. In time every day Monday to Friday WOD become a routine, an addiction when your mind can relax from every day worries and focus only on this one particular moment. It is almost therapeutically, healing and give you that sense of every day achievement. The beginning of the road wasn’t easy I remember when my forearms hurt so much I couldn’t squeeze the tooth paste or those nights I couldn’t sleep because every single part of my body hurt so much…

But after the first few WODS I thought if I can do that I can do absolutely everything. It is not only about losing weight and physical strength. At the box you learn about yourself, every time pushing yourself harder to be a better person then you were yesterday but also to accept your limitations, you learn how to be patient with what your body is capable of. Every WOD is as much about physical and psychical strength.

I believe that by getting control over your body you are getting control over your live!

All you need to do is to come and have a go, everyday just make that one step towards who you want to be and wait for magic starting to happen. In our gym you are never on your own. The box is full of wonderful, inspiring and supportive people who will never let you quit.

Signing to CFN was a live changing experience it heals my body and soul.

Tom Laycock

I discovered Crossfit a couple of years ago while serving in the Royal Marines while being based in Scotland and loved it for the challenging and varied nature of the workouts. I moved to Nottingham at the beginning of 2016 and quickly found Crossfit Nottingham through a recommendation of a friend. I was immediately made welcome by both the coaches and members. I quickly found that however you go into Crossfit Nottingham feeling, it works as the best natural pick me up I’ve ever come across and being surrounded by people pushing what their bodies can do, be that working around and getting back after injury or making a start on their fitness journey or being athletes with the work ethic to match, who I can only hope/try to emulate, it only makes me want to move better and work harder. Recently my fiancé has joined the gym who is new to crossfit and the gym in general and this emphases how broad a member base and how welcoming they are. CFN has made mine and my fiancée move down south a lot easier and we have been made to feel like a member of their extended gym family, thanks!

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