Friday 13th Apr 2012 – WOD

1st April 2012

Folks, dont forget if the weather is good on Saturday the WOD is run 5km for time @ the Colwick Park Run, dont forget to register. Again its free and if you dont turn up its no big deal, you dont steal anyones place. We meet at the the box at 8:30 and leave for the start line in a mob via a few cars to start at 09:00. CrossFit Nottingham Ts are manditory. Around 150 peeps run it from huffers to sub 17 guys and gals. If the weather is shite when you look out your window then we WOD as normal @ 9:30, if the weather is ok we run, there will be an after WOD at the box at 10:30, if your running bring some spare trainers to avoid the farm effect please….Andy


With a time cap of 12 mins complete rounds of the following

      • 5 pull ups
  • 5 Box Jumps building to a max height jum
  • 5 Burpees (work on speed on the drop)
  • 1 Rope climb arms only


For time:

  • Run 800m
  • 75 OverHead Squats @ 50 / 30kg
  • 75 Hang Power Cleans @ 50 / 30kg
  • Run 400m with 50 / 30kg Barbell

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