Saturday 14th Apr 2012 – WOD

1st April 2012


For the time:

      • Run 5km

if the weather is ok in the morning we run the Colwick Park 5km race, We meet at the the box at 8:30 and leave for the start line in a mob via a few cars to start at 09:00. CrossFit Nottingham Ts are manditory.

If the weather is shite when you look out your window then we WOD as normal @ 9:30, i will post as soon as i get out of bed.

Bring two pairs of trainers incase you get muddy.

Zoe and i will be running with the kids so most welcome to add a few on if you want to go for a PB, however be warned they will be rrunning / jogging / walking the full 5km. 🙂


All three Manchester qual WODs will be on the board, those who want to can hit all, a couple or one of the AMRAPs

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