Saturday 20th October 2012 – WOD

1st October 2012

Boys Vs Girls……..!



With a time cap of 10 mins complete

  • Own warm up into WOD movements


Boys Vs Girls!

For the time:

  • 80 KB swings @ 24 / 20kg
  • 80 Box Jumps @ 24 / 20″
  • 180 Double unders
  • 18 Front squats @ 90 / 50kg
  • 18 Back Squats @ 90 / 50kg
  • 80 Burpees
  • 80 Pull ups
  • 1800m Run (relay)

The crack!

  • OK crew, teams are 4 persons
  • You must start on the Kettlebell swings and complete them all first
  • On completion the Kettle bell CANNOT be put down on the floor at all,
  • If the KB hits the floor the hole team completes 5 synchronized burpees under direction of a team member
  • You can then run through the other movements in any order leaving the relay run alone until last
  • You must complete all of the reps in the single movment once you begin
  • Burpees, box jumps and double under must be split equally
  • The squats can be completed by any one member or all, your choice!
  • The run is completed at the end and is completed as a relay, one person carrying the KB as the batton handing it over until the 1700m is complete

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