Tuesday 10th Apr 2012 – WOD

1st April 2012

Ok folks new programming begins, it will take a few weeks to test and adjust to suit the box but i’m confident that overtime it will make us better athletes.

While I am very happy with the progress of all the crew and am blown away every week at new goals achieved, I want to maximize your hour of training, the old “buy in” is gone and replaced by WOD 1, this must be treated as such and idle chit chat / banter saved for the spearmint sofa and coffee post WOD 😉

WOD 1 starts on the half hour and is completed in pairs, the pure METCON elements (row/bike/run) are completed together the rest is split to one working one resting, the change over is immediate allowing the perfect rest time to keep this WOD at the correct pace.

If you arrive late the clock will be running on WOD 1 and you will be expected to get in and hit as much as possible of the WOD.

WOD 2 is our meat and veg and will work various strength schemes almost every time. Change over from WOD 1 to WOD 2 has to be tight in order to stay within timelines.

Technique sessions will also be planned into programing, these will address technical lifts and gymnastic movements to bring up individual and group problem areas

I will review the programming after 6 weeks at which point feedback will be sought.

Best effort………Andy


With a time cap of 20mins complete as much of the following as possible

4 rounds of:

  • Row 500m / Bike 1000m / Ski 300m / Run 200m
  • 3 HSPUs (Strict)
  • 2 Skin the cats / 20 sec L holds
  • 3 Front Squats @ working to 3 RM by the 3rd / 4th round


3 Rounds for the time of:

  • 12 Squat Cleans @ 70 / 50kg
  • 24 Pull ups
  • 10 HSPUs (Strict)

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